Transformation Consulting Firm

Variatys is an independent Swiss consulting firm that stands out for its expertise in strategic and operational change management.

The Variatys team supports public or private sector companies in the most complex transformations with tailor-made offers adapted to the challenges and corporate culture in order to accelerate their performance and anchor the results achieved.

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Chaire ESSEC du Changement, 2021

Variatys expertise

At the service of your transformation

Change Management

Guide managers in their strategic reflections on transformation and work on operational implementation plans. Offer coupled with tailor-made operational support for projects and programs in order to anchor them with the targeted populations while guaranteeing the support of all stakeholders and achieving the expected ROI.

Innovative Management

Innovation management makes it possible to drive a structured innovation dynamic that generates new revenue. Variatys supports clients in managing value creation, designing innovative products and services, as well as redesigning and leading innovation eco-systems.

Conferences & Trainings

Conferences to disseminate the goals of change and align stakeholders to move towards a common transformation. Completed by trainings with an educational approach based on interaction, personalization of content and practical application (workshops, individual coaching sessions, etc.).

15 years of experience

Proven methods for a successful transformation

Assessment and framework

Being able to assess a current state in order to understand a changing situation. The assessments and frameworks will make it possible to determine the best actions based on the corporate culture and the expected ROI.


Co-construct and provide people with experiences of change in such a way that they understand, through this experience, both the importance of change, as well as the methods of implementation and adoption.

Follow-up and anchoring

In a context of multiplication of change projects, the challenge is no longer to support a project but to manage a growing number of projects in such a way that they fully realize the company's strategy without creating a saturation phenomenon to change.


Our value offer

The speed of change is key. Only one answer: lead change competently. 

Thanks to its expertise in strategic and operational change management, Variatys supports companies on 6 key areas in order to achieve the planned transformation. 

■ Guide transformation discussions with members of the Management team (leaders and C-suite level) and managers. 

■ Define action plans to support the transformation. 

■ Be the "voice" of transformations by preparing, presenting and leading dedicated conferences/townhalls and any other necessary intervention with stakeholders in order to clearly and regularly disseminate the objectives sought and the successes achieved. 

■ Support any ongoing or future transformation with impactful and proven methods. 

■ Support project teams to carry out the required transformations. 

■ Anchor new practices in the corporate culture. 

Our role is to help companies to transform and to anchor those changes in the long run i.e. in the corporate culture. We help our clients to remain agile and to constantly adapt to changes in their industry. 

Variatys accompanies you to enable your company:

  • ■ To optimize your costs by controlling your transformation projects
  • ■ To strengthen your execution capacities
  • ■ To maximize the return on your transformation project portfolio
  • ■ To make your organization more flexible and permeable to change
  • ■ Make your employees aware of change management

We support companies upstream of the launch of projects and transformation programs but also when projects are in difficulty and require rapid turnarounds in order to achieve the initial objectives.

  • Data & AI (visual AI, data governance, etc.)
  • Process reengineering (partial or complete organizational transformation)
  • Digitalization of processes (e-signature, EDM, etc.)
  • Implementation of CSR policy (strategy, sustainable purchasing, international standards, internal and external communication plan, etc.)
  • Client Experience (digital journey, physical journey, strategic and operational reflection of customer journeys, etc.)
  • Operational implementation of regulations (operational drafting, implementation and anchoring in processes and corporate culture)

We operate in the following sectors:

  • Banking industry
  • Luxury industry
  • Manufacturing industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Education sector
  • Public sector

As an independent consulting firm, Variatys will allow you to diversify your expertise and progress in a stimulating and innovative work environment. Do not hesitate to contact us and send us your CV: